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What We Do Best: The Safest Mercury Removal Services using The Huggins-Grube Protocol. To ensure the safety and success of our work, we follow a special patient (and doctor) protection plan developed by my mentor, Dr. Hal Huggins


Dr. Blanche works closely with all Centers for Healing doctors and staff to ensure they are performing true to the Huggins-Grube Protocol and providing the greatest care for their patients.

2019 Huggins-Grube Protocol Training | Houston TX | July 19-21, 2019

Please join Dr. Blanche Grube as she endeavors to prepare dentists to perform the "Complete Dental Revision" following the philosophy and techniques developed by Dr. Hal Huggins.
Dr. Grube is thrilled to offer this training once again - this time in Spring, Texas (about 30 minutes north of Houston) at the offices of Dr. Bill Glaros.

To register, please download the registration form and return to Dr. Dawn by Fax (719) 548-8220, or email,

We look forward to seeing you there!

NEWLY PUBLISHED! Titanium Exposure and Human Health
by Anita V. Tibau, Blanche D. Grube, Braulio J. Velez, Victor M. Vega, and Joachim Mutter

To read the full paper, please feel free to view the PDF!